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Evident offers Digitalization Services to Asset Owners to support them with making their asset investable on the platform and build a community of co-owners. 

1 Structuring, Issuance & Listing

This process involves the preparation and implementation of getting an asset listed and making it available on the Evident platform in digital form.

The services provided include

- Asset due diligence

- Listing approval

- Structuring advice and setup of special purpose vehicle (SPV)

- Preparation and generation of Digital Units of the asset in the form of tokens on the Algorand blockchain

- Asset content preparation for presentation on the platform

- Listing preparation and primary offering of the asset

Services in this category also include activities facilitating the continuous operation of the digital assets offering: 

- Administration of the Digital Units reserve and treasury management

- Custody services provided by an independent entity

- Access to the Asset Owner Portal with a range of functionalities supporting the administration of the Asset

2 Primary Offering

Evident supports the success of an asset listing by allowing investors on the platform participate in different assets. This means that an Asset Owner can invite their existing network to invest in their asset and may in addition win investors outside of their network who are already active on the Evident platform. 

3 Consulting & Professional Services

To prepare a successful listing and structure the asset and offering properly, Evident will optionally provide consulting services and introduce professional services of its partners. These include legal, marketing and branding services on an as-needed basis. 

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