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Operations at Evident

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The following fees apply for services provided by Evident, its affiliated companies and partners.

Please refer to Evident Digitalization Services for a detailed description of offered services.

Generated income from Platform & Management Fees and Trading Fees is shared with Asset Owners according to the Fee Sharing Schedule.

A Fees to Asset Owners

1 Structuring, Issuance & Listing Fee

For asset due diligence, listing approval, structuring of special purpose vehicle (SPV), asset content preparation, listing preparation and initial offering of the asset, a Structuring, Issuance & Listing Fee applies.

1% of net asset value as determined by the targeted listing price of the asset on Evident

Minimum Fee of USD 8,000

Fee Cap at USD 250,000

Structuring, Issuance & Listing fees are payable in cash with an option to pay in equity (Digital Units of the asset) at the discretion of Evident.

For Investment Reservation listings, Structuring, Issuance & Listing fees are payable in cash. 

For unsuccessful Investment Reservation listings, fees are refunded, minus the Minimum Fee.

2 Primary Offering Fee

For each investment made in the primary offering of the asset a Primary Offering Fee applies.

1.2% of successfully placed asset value

Payable in cash

In the case of Evident introducing investors as a broker, an additional introduction fee applies. For clarity: this only applies to investments made by investors not invited to the platform by the Asset Owner.

3.5% of successfully placed asset value

Payable in cash with an option to pay in equity (Digital Units of the asset) at the discretion of Evident


3 Consulting & Professional Services Fees

Optional and variable fees based on specific consulting and professional services provided by Evident to the Asset Owner in preparing for a listing. 

Agreed between Asset Owner and Evident. 

B Fees to Investors

4 Platform & Management Fee 

A Platform and Management Fee is charged to support operations and administration on the platform in two areas: 

Platform operations include technical development and maintenance of the platform, access to all platform services, support of operations and security of the platform as well as trading related costs such as blockchain transaction fees ('gas'). 

Management includes active management of the Asset, including legal work and asset servicing such as distributions as well as the continuous administration of required special purpose vehicles (SPVs) to make the asset investable, including regular audits, reporting and filings. 

0.08% of assets under management (AuM) per month unless specified otherwise on the asset page

Payable in cash 

The Platform and Management Fees are deducted monthly from investors' wallets in the form of account balance.

5 Trading Fees

To support general trading operations and security, Trading Fees are charged on each trade to buyers and sellers. 

1.5% of the trade value

Payable in cash

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