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Operations at Evident

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Evident is committed to building an inclusive platform that provides access to unique assets to Investors and supports Asset Owners with placing their assets and sharing fee income. The fee sharing principles are laid on this page.

A more detailed description of all fees charged on Evident is available in the Fee Schedule.

Over time and as our platform gets more robust we aim to reduce the take rate for asset owners while sharing more of the upside in the form of token buybacks and other actions.

Evident shares fees generated by providing access to the platform and services. 

Trading Fees

To support general trading operations and security, Trading Fees are charged to Investors on each trade.

20% shared fees

This portion of Trading Fees generated from trades in a specific Asset are shared with the respective Asset Owner.

Trading Fees are shared in cash and with each trade.  

Beyond that, Evident will use fee income to buy back tokens in the future to indirectly return upside of income to Asset Owners and everyone in the Evident ecosystem holding PRPS tokens.

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